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10 health recommendations to improve dad's health

When you become a father it is expected your life changes in all aspects, specially priorities and it is this last in particular which sometimes we tend to forget because we care more about the health of every family member we held responsible for. However if we do not take care of hour health in the long run not only us will suffer the consequences or hour health complications but our family too. That is why being July the month on which we celebrate Father's Day in Dominican Republic we can to share we you 10 health recommendation which can help you to improve your health.

1 - Keep your self informed

It is important you understand what is happening in your body, do not ignore symptoms and avoid self diagnostics. Consult with your doctor can make as many questions as you need do not leave any doubt on the loose. Many patients tend to feel embarrassed making questions they consider silly, do not feel like that and ask, in health there are not silly questions.

3 - Change your type of exercise three weeks

The human body adapt to routines quite fast and there is no a single type of exercise which can satisfy the needs of the body. You can alternate exercise every week or shift your routine every three weeks. If you have any kind of health condition such as heart, hypertesion, bone related, asthma to name a few consult your doctor to follow his recommendations before trying any type of exercise.

4 - You are what you eat

A well balanced diet is essential to keep yourself health, focus on health not calories, avoid big portions and eat at least five times day (three meals and three snacks).

5 - Sleep

This days, because of all the things we have to do on a daily basis it seems impossible to sleep properly. To sleep is the most important activity of our body to recharge it self. Not at least 7 hours of sleep every day can result in many health complications specially for your immune system.

6 - Salud emocional

In Latin culture we do not pay much attention to our emotional health, which is wrong. Many of the high levels of anxiety, stress and ultimately depression is the product of ignoring some signals your body express as way to let you know something is not going well. It is very important to balance your life. Working for extended amounts of hours, not sleeping and no having an active life (exercise) are among the main causes emotional unbalance. If you feel you get irritated very easy, feel tired all the time or sad very often for not apparent reason you maybe are over doing yourself, if you understand you cannot organize yourself or do not know from where to start seek professional help.

7 - Be aware of prostate cancer

If you are over 40 years old it is highly recommended you talk with your urologist about prostate cancer. Any type of cancer detected on its early stages have more changes to be eradicated.

8 - Avoid excess

Pure and simple, all excesses are bad for your health. Through this article we have been using the word balance very often, it is because that is what your body needs to keep healthy. Drinking a glass wine, eating a burger, not having a good sleep one day will not do much to your health as long as you do not make those part or your life routine.

9 - Get a hobby

'Scientific investigations have proved having a hobby or an activity which can bring you pleasure improve your health. If you have a hobby keep doing it, if you don't, try to find one, it could be reading, talking with friends, a sport, excursions with your family, it just need to make you feel happy.

10 - Visit your doctor at least two times a year

This days medicine is more about preventing, any illness detected at an early stage have better changes of being cured. Even if you do not experience any symptoms it is always a good practice to visit your doctor twice a year to do a general evaluation.